The Peacock – Loving Your Bold Heart

Bold, leader, authority – beautiful

Biggest fear: Being Controlled

You enjoy solving complex problems and have no problem taking charge of a situation, thus the bold confidence of the peacock. You are probably the family leader and enjoy rallying everyone together around a central idea.

Watch out though, your need to control and dominate can make you a bit of a dictator. When people criticize you, they need to focus on the idea and bigger picture and encourage your vision or you can shut down and refuse to listen.

When it comes to healing your heart from childhood trauma, you have probably faced pain where your creative ideas and voice was not heard and or controlled by another bigger personality. Your tendency to be super goal focused is more than likely an escape to suppress your true emotions by burying yourself in busy work. In order to truly heal, focus on healing your loud inner critic, allowing yourself to process past pain, and trusting others to help you think your ideas all the way through.

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