The Elephant – Loving Your Steady Heart

Steady, Controlled, Majestic, Easy going

Biggest fear: Chaos

You enjoy systems and a steady rhythm, thus the majestic character of the elephant. You are probably the family organizer and you pay great attention to detail and tasks.

Watch out though, your need for getting tasks done can make you a bit of a lone ranger. When people criticize you, they need to come with specific details or you can shut down and refuse to listen.

When it comes to healing your heart from childhood trauma, you have probably faced pain where life was chaotic and unpredictable, thus to restore stability you crave getting things done and having things not change rapidly. You have probably lived with a parental critic or absent parental role, thus your place of healing needs to be in healing your loud inner critic, learning to be sensitive to the needs of others, and allowing yourself to have more fun.

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