The Hummingbird – Loving Your Detailed Heart

Detailed, meticulous, precise, loving

Biggest Fear: Conflict

You enjoy thinking through every single detail and looking at ideas to make sure they work from top to bottom thus the spirit of the meticulous hummingbird. You are probably the family realist and will voice problems that you see in a plan or inside a system.

Watch out though, your need for being seen as accurate and precise can make you seem like the bad guy and anti-social since you don’t rely people to get things done. When people criticize you, they should not come with broad generalizations or big ideas, but rather giving you more information to make ideas.

When it comes to healing your heart from childhood trauma, you have probably faced major show downs and arguments, thus you hate intense conflict and avoid drama. Burying yourself in the details is also a way that you suppress emotions, so learn how to come up for air and enjoy the company of others.

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