It's Time For You To Become 3X More ConfidentIn Your Voice, Value and Vision

You deserve to package your expertise, walk in your emotional healing and live like you KNOW you matter using my proven leadership formula I’ve mastered over 15 years as a coach and minister of The Gospel.


You deserve to experience…

My LDAR Coaching Pathway® For is For Believing Women Called to Leadership to Become More Confident in Your Voice, Value & Vision So You Can:

Identify and ask for your most important relational needs to be met

Initiate Tough Conversations Without Fear of Being Rejected

Stay Faithful with Your Projects Because You Show Up Consistently

Alexis helped me see my true worth and snap into action by applying to jobs regardless of my age.
Before I met Alexis, I was uncertain and stuck without a clue to know where to begin to change my life for the better at my age.
After, I updated my resume, started applying for jobs and set firmer boundaries at my current job.
Derrica Stinson Ms.D

Silence The Voice of Shame

silencing shame book by Alexis M. Jarrett

This book will help you identify & stop the voices in your head that scream you’re not enough, so that you can live with confidence that God has your back no matter what you face in life.

Get Instant Clarity on Your Personality!

healing personality type quiz Learn how you are wired by God to heal your emotions. Take the Healing Personality Type Quiz!

Package Your Expertise Into A Powerful Digital Brand

cThe Finisher Program will help you package your expertise into powerful online brand, so that when you show up people will know they are working with a professional.

My Premier Coaching Experience…

Executive Confidence Coaching

In 8 sessions, this executive coaching plan will help you redefine how you show up in your leadership role, career or business. You will leave with the tools to:

Know Exactly How Your Personality is Wired

Self awareness is the #1 key to becoming a high-level leader. We will take a look at how you are naturally wired to think, behave and respond to your world both internally and externally.

Know how to Safely Manage Workplace Conflict & Fierce Conversations

After becoming more self aware as how people perceive you, you will now develop the language to see how you resolve conflict in relationships. You will also deep-dive into team dynamics and gain the tools to have tough conversations without fear of rejection.

Execute 1 Personal Goal to Push Beyond Imposter Syndrome

Ready to stay accountable to what you say you will do for yourself? You will receive unlimited check-ins to help you execute one tangible goal.

Improve Your Public Speaking Confidence

Finally, we will end the coaching time where you will prepare a presentation and speak so that you persuade listeners to know you are in control, even if you’re shaking in your boots.

About Me

I love Jesus, love to teach, and love to pray. My joy in life is to use my listening and strategy skills to help women confidently transition in their careers, brands and forgive family. As a sickle cell warrior, I also advocate to see increased blood donations in the African-American community.

Online Coaching Resources

it all starts with a day ebook by Alexis m Lott

It All Starts With a Day eBook

Take Your Power Back from Depression

stick to it devotional and workbook

Stick to It Workbook & Devotional

Launch One Idea + Uncover the Hidden Reasons why you Keep Changing Your Mind.

Hey, Let’s Heal the Podcast & YouTube Channel

Every week you get a safe space to heal.