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When Your Expertise is Prepared, Packaged and has a Process, You’ll Never Feel Unprepared for Your God-Given Opportunities!

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The Finisher 90 Day Coaching Program will help you create a distinct brand identity, and define your packages, pricing, process, and platforms, so that you are prepared to market your services online and beyond.

Building A Kingdom Brand Desperately Needs Your Heart and Story at the Forefront.

Let me tell you the painfully obvious reason why leaders of faith don't finish their projects...

Not allowing a subject matter expert to hold them accountable to a process...

Busy is no longer an excuse-we need your faith-based view on life. You have a people you've been called to reach and you can't do this alone-- or keep starting projects copying off of other brands. That’s why the Finisher Program combines project management with timeless brand strategy, so that the story of who you are appeals to the right audience, no matter what product you produce. Bottom line is....

People do not buy what you do, they buy why you’re doing it. 

These three ladies all sell makeup. The difference between where you will buy foundation has more to do with how the brand appeals to you and what makes it different, than what is being sold. 

- Rihanna created Fenty Beauty to serve diverse skin tones to focus on women who didn't see their shades on the counter. 

- Supa Cent created The Crayon Case with the 'school' theme for women who were novices at makeup.

- Mary Kay keeps things classy and focuses on women who love relationships and personal selling to grow their brand.

finisher coaching mockup with a photo of alexis m lott holding a cell phone and a laptop

This is why being able to leverage why your brand is irresistible, not necessarily what you create, is the #1 thing that you need to market to create consistent sales.

And I can't wait to show you how to create this!

Hey, I'm Alexis!

In 2018 I was a burned out graphic designer who knew I needed something deeper. I had clients that I would charge below market price and they want multiple revisions, pay me late, and our convos would get lost in emails.

I did the wise thing and started work at the college I graduated from in marketing, cause ----benefits right?

But the whole time I never forgot about my dream for entrepreneurship. It became clear that I had to move beyond being a 'designer' into understanding why people were choosing me, then price myself accordingly and come up with a streamlined business process. 

Here is how I did it:

First, the still small voice of Holy Spirit gently guided me to listen and learn about Imposter Syndrome. That’s when I realized my problem wasn’t my clients, chileeee it was me. I knew my expertise I was just stuck in fear, people pleasing and rejection. I projected my limited positive money experiences onto my clients and felt that if I thought the prices were too high, so did they.
Then, I had to disrupt these thoughts. I realized that the best way to disrupt toxic thoughts about money were to surround myself with new information and people who had positive business experiences and cash flow. AKA I got a mentor!
Next, I had to do the deep work of auditing all the systems in my life that reflected the limited thoughts. I asked myself the hard question.. where did the thoughts of not knowing my worth come from? In therapy I began uncovering and healing the layers and sources of shame.
Finally, I wrote down everything I would do different. I replaced my offers with new ones, created a new client process and began researching the right software to help me streamline my online brand. 
Now, I serve clients who feel like family and have no issue seeing the value of my brand. Yes I lost some clients but in one quarter in 2021, I leapt from averaging $1,000 to $8,000 in sales. I am ready to show you how to do this exact same process, so that your business can flourish.


The bread-and-butter of Finisher is a 4-step framework called the LDAR Coaching PathwayTM, to bring the leader in you to the front! 

Step 1 Listen 
I listen to what you have to say about yourself, business and market

Step 3 Audit 
I ask you to review where else these beliefs are showing up

Step 2 Disrupt 
Prepare for me to stop, pause and question any part of what you’re saying to investigate the beliefs behind it

Step 4 Replace 
I help you replace what you say with new words and ways of thinking

This is the exact system I’ve used to help over 50 clients create irresistible products in their brands. Why? Because just giving you brand strategy to launch a business isn’t enough. Your mindset accounts for over half of your sales success. This is what makes the Finisher Program so unique, we bring mindset, your authentic self and a proven brand strategy together to get it done.

Who Is The Finisher Program For?

If you are an entrepreneur, coach, consultant, speaker, or a small business looking to enroll more clients, increase cash flow, OR if find yourself burning with a message, belief, or cause worth following and you want to know how to turn it into an irresistible, powerful, and profitable movement, you are a perfect fit for this program.

This program is also for you if…

You want to write a book from your personal life story
You want to re-strategize your service-based pricing and have a clearly defined process for attracting and onboarding clients
You want to attract and work with clients that feel like family

Who Is This Program Not For?

You have no experience serving at least 2-3 people with your business idea (paid or unpaid)
You do not have the time (2-4 hrs a week) to commit to the program
You are looking for an easy way to get rich quick


What our clients say about their Finisher experience....

Nowhere else will you find someone who provides it all while walking beside you through a personalized experience. Alexis not only serves as an accountability coach, her being a woman of God entrusted with many gifts, to include the gift of The Holy Spirit, also enables her to serve as a spiritual doula. Equipped with the knowledge of business and marketing, partnered with an ability to see beyond what can often be difficult to put into words, Alexis is truly anointed for the work that she does. Beyond holding me accountable to my business plan, she has held me accountable to my own growth & well-being, making me remember the health of the business largely emanates from my own overall health and well-being.

Dr. Brianna Mosby | @itsdrbri_pharmd

Pharm, D

Before The Finisher Program: 

I had trouble defining my design process and determining how I should set my prices to get the desired profit needed to have a successful business.

After the program: 

I now have defined pricing for each of my services, I know my desired profits and I can clearly see my design process. Alexis made it easy for me to share and work through some of the barriers that were keeping me from moving forward and feeling confident to launch my business. Alexis was such a great listener and asked great questions that helped me realize what I really wanted my business to be. I loved working with you! It was encouraging to see someone passionate about helping me and seeing my vision in a way that I have not always seen from women in my life, so thank you for sharing your gifts and being eager to help me!

Tonesha Allison | @Embrace Room Design

Interior Designer

So What is The Program Plan?

This program unfolds in 12 weeks and we meet together weekly live in 60 minute video sessions. After each session, you will be given homework that will create your:

Brand Voice

You will unlock the power of your story, your why, discover what type of entrepreneur you are and learn who your perfect target customer is.

Brand Value

You will create profitable products via an offer funnel. You will learn how your target customer can purchase from you through a small, medium and large investment. You will also be able to determine your profit after taxes, expenses and paying yourself so you can scale your business.

Brand Platforms

You will learn which brand platforms best suit your business to attract, convert and transform your ideal clients. You will also learn about email marketing and which social media outlets to use.

Brand Visuals

You will learn which colors will attract your ideal client and what the best website platform is for your business. You will see a website flow: tabs, pages and content. You will also learn budget-friendly alternatives to creating a site.

Here is what we accomplish in 12 weeks:

Also known as the program outcomes, or exactly what you will walk away with:

Your brand will have an irresistible name that sticks in the mind of your clients long after they have scrolled away
You will know the exact reasons why your ideal client wants to work with you (and this language will be visible in all of your sales pages & content) so that your client’s next words are, send me the invoice!
You will implement the 3 Step Social Media Sales Strategy so that you effortlessly post aligned content on social and enjoy your time nurturing your audience with video
You will learn how to create products that are correctly priced so that you have money for profits, taxes, expenses and self-pay
You will create an ‘offer funnel’ where you create 3 streams of income from one idea so that your business will survive in slow seasons and so customers with lower income can still purchase from you
Know exactly what goes on your website, landing pages so that your website does the talking for you when it’s time to sell
Understand The 5 Stages of the Customer Journey so the content and products you create capture your customer’s attention and leave them wanting more
You will create captivating video based lead magnet that immediately solve your clients pain points and instantly qualifies them for the next step in your sales journey

The Finisher Program Will Help You Avoid These Headaches:

You will not have to scramble to come up with a name for your latest product that doesn’t work or only makes sense to you and you realize is taken by another brand
You will avoid ‘scope creep’ aka changing what you package in your business because you were lured by someone else
You will stop the on again off again relationship with posting on social media because you actually know and enjoy who you are talking to
You will avoid being on every social media site at once that eventually causes overwhelm
You will avoid not knowing where the next sale is going to come from because you understand your buyers journey and have an actual sales plan
You will stop working with clients who want something for nothing and end up being drainers to your purpose and resources because you will have a detailed map of who they are
You will avoid the ‘where does my money go’ every month convo because you have products priced to make a profit
You will avoid your website and landing pages being a waste of money because they are written to convert your client’s interest

What you will receive as a Finisher:

A custom workbook to track your progress
Private student login with online course videos to watch on demand
Audio & video files of all lessons you can keep for life and listen to on the go
Weekly, live check-ins with your coach, Alexis M. Lott
A private Slack channel to chat directly with Alexis

So How Much Is It?


[5 Payments of $700]

You will commit to showing up to live 1:1 coaching meetings for 1 hr per week for 12 weeks.
You receive life-time access to the ‘Finisher’ Online Course to keep for life + any updates.
You receive a printed and digital version of the Finisher Workbook to write out your progress.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.


14 Day Money Back Guarenteed Pic

No-Risk 14 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We’re here to help you change your business and your life. We firmly stand behind the integrity and value of The Finisher Coaching Program and my reputation as a leader in this industry. We get started implementing your work immediately on enrolling into the program. This is why after 14 days you are able to request a full refund of your investment.

We will ask for your completed course work (to make sure you gave it a go) and ask what didn’t work for you (so we can improve). But we’re willing to lose money on this guarantee because that’s how much we believe in this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good fit for this program?

  • You are an entrepreneur, coach, consultant, speaker, or a small business or nonprofit owner looking to brand your message, enroll clients that feel like family, increase cash flow, and build a business that increases your profits
  • You are the type of person that is dedicated to show up to the trainings

What exactly will I be doing in The Finisher Program (and what results are possible)?

Module 1 of your brand’s voice you will:

  • You will be able to identify what type of market you are in
  • You will know the type of entrepreneur you are
  • You will be able to clearly see why you are in business
  • You will be able to identify who will buy from you and why

Module 2 of your brand’s value you will:

  • You will know your profit margins for each product
  • You will have pricing that reflects your value and your clients
  • You will have an offer funnel where clients can invest at their financial comfort and commitment level
  • You will beta-test your products and/or launch a sales campaign

Module 3 of your brand’s platforms you will:

  • You will know which email marketing outlet is best for your brand
  • You will know which type of content is best for you to post
  • You will know exactly what clients are looking for when they see your posts
  • You will know which website is best to build your brand on

Module 4 of your brand’s visuals you will:

  • You will know how to create a mood board and logo for your brand
  • You will know how get started earning money if you don’t have a site
  • You will know what should go on your website to convert leads
  • You will know what colors could attract your ideal client

Do I have to have a business or a product to sell to make this program work for me?

  • No you do not. Our first step is investigating your why and then creating your products or your nonprofit services.

When does the course start and what if I can't start right away?

  • The course begins immediately upon enrollment and you can schedule your first coaching session immediately.
  • If you can’t start right away, it’s best to wait to enroll when you are ready

What if I buy and want a refund? What's the policy?

  • We get started implementing your work immediately on enrolling into the program. This is why after 14 days you are able to request a full refund of your investment.
  • We will ask for your completed course work (to make sure you gave it a go) and ask what didn’t work for you (so we can
  • improve). But we’re willing to lose money on this guarantee because that’s how much we believe in this program.

Let’s Prepare You to Say Yes to Your God-Given Opportunities.

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