The Butterfly – Loving Your Free Spirit

Free | Entertaining | Creative | Social – The Life of The Party

Biggest Fear: Being Rejected

You enjoy being the life of the party and have no problem being the “social butterfly”- thus the butterfly. You are probably the family creative problem solver and also enjoy making others laugh or presenting a subject you enjoy.

Watch out though, your need to be “floating” and spontaneous can make you seem unreliable and too flighty. When people criticize you, they need to make sure they are not rejecting your ideas totally and are encouraging your social time or you can shut down and feed rejected.

When it comes to healing your heart from childhood trauma, you have probably faced major rejection or spent years vying for attention or apologies from people that you have not received. You tend to be hyper focused on people and relationships, and on what other people think of you and can easily fall prey to people pleasing. In order to truly heal, focus on having your need for validation and your needs met from within yourself, your faith, and know that rejection of ideas is not rejection of who you are totally.

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