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Silencing Shame [Signed Paper Back]

Shame is the haunting spirit that constantly reminds you of your failures, sins, and shortcomings. It’s the spirit that causes you to hide, hold secrets for years, and live with the pain of regret. The voice of shame is a gently whisper that you’re not good enough. It’s the spirit that you see gently fall on a person’s face when you know they’re disappointed in you. It’s the uneasy feelings you get when you scroll past a person’s perfect body on Instagram, wishing you could look like that.

Shame is what the woman with the issue of blood felt because of her condition. It’s what Hannah endured as she cried to God for a baby. Shaming is what the Pharisees did to the woman who was caught in adultery. Shame is the first reaction Adam and Eve had when they realized they sinned.

Captured in these pages is the story of how I finally silenced the voice of shame, and now live a purpose filled life. When shame calls, I allow my father in heaven to answer the phone, and I want to empower you to do the same! Join me as we learn how to identify shame, reveal the agenda of shame, and remain free from shame forever! Stop the voices in your head that scream you’re not enough!

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