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Forgive family find peace

Forgive Family Find Peace 2024 Cohort- A 1 year program to bring together God's chosen to help you forgive family, so that you can thrive and have peace in your relationships.

When you enroll, you will automatically become a Hey Let's Heal Insider.

I know you're ready for change in your family relationships.

Sick of sleepless nights revisiting the past with no solutions on how to heal? I know that intense family moments and the past trauma memories drains you, or worse -- you wonder if you’re destined to be a slave to your emotions forever…

Hi, I’m Alexis M.
And I know exactly where you are. For 16 years, I battled high functioning depression from multiple layers of trauma (molestation, abuse, parental neglect and chronic illness) and could not figure out how to forgive people.

It was like one day I would feel great and then bam, once I was reminded of my past I would come spiraling back down again. But I fought back, and I’m here to tell you – healing is possible!

Currently, I am a two-time published author, certified Christian relationship coach and licensed minister. In my day work for my church and run a marketing business for servant leaders, but my heart is to help you walk fully in your purpose and finally have some joy.

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Ever Wonder, “Is Wholeness in My Emotions Really Possible?”

I know you have questions on whether or not healing from pain and forgiving family can actually happen for you. Is this one big scam or are their actually practical tools I can implement to help me daily heal from seasons that left me wounded?

You wonder, “What am I missing?”

Thing is, you know you’re smart, creative, and talented … and you’ve invested in your own growth and personal development before. But then you slide on some girls Instagram account looking like she has the perfect life or see that family member who left you wounded and wonder…

“How is THAT person making money, with her dream husband, and seems as if she is not bothered by a care in the world. Or how in the heck to people put themselves back around family members who have left them wounded and not explode with asking why did you hurt me, and why am I not worthy of an apology? You know what you did!”

Of course you're skeptical, and leery because here’s the thing:

No one out there wants to tell you the truth about what it takes to really be whole … but I’m going to.

The #1 Reason Most People Fail at Forgiving Family After Emotional Trauma is because They’re Wanting the Same Family Members Who Hurt Them to Heal Them.

The secret to my success – and yours – is that you’ve got to know the hurt was not your responsibility- but the healing is. Don’t get me wrong: some people should absolutely apologize to you. I’ve had family members come back and express their sorrow over their failures but no amount of waiting for their words could help me. Wholeness has to be a journey that makes sure you don’t become what you hate.

Waiting on an apology to give you permission to live again and enjoy your life is putting your destiny BACK in their hands.

That would be crazy, because remember what they did when they had opportunity to love you correctly the first time? That’s why we fail: we are waiting for closure from people when the opportunity to love ourselves comes from God First! Self-sabotage, deadly procrastination, downplaying your gifts, constantly criticizing yourself and other people- becoming what you hate, it’s still allowing the pain to keep you trapped long after the incidents have happened. So, take it from me…

Forgiving Family Isn’t About Changing Who You Are for THEM. It’s About Healing You for You...and God.

Think about the women we know, like, trust, and even love. Priscilla Shirer. Sarah Jakes Roberts.... These aren’t women who had easy lives, yet they exude an inner confidence that makes you wonder if they ever had problems or bad days at all (we know they did girl).

You Might Be Thinking:
“Okay Alexis YOU healed, But Me…”

Look, I didn’t jump from being saved from a suicide attempt in 2009, to whole, a minister, and in a healthy marriage. Girl no, I fought for this healing with my life! I was fresh out of graduating college wondering how in the world did I get here. I had been given glimpses of hope that my life would be great, but I was still very wounded.

I started my healing journey with my faith in Christ in 2010 at a new church and ... I had:

● not talked to my parents in years
● not a man in site who would date me or that I wanted to date
● a nice string of casual sex partners from  15 to 21
● no brand or business to give me a “name”
● no real friends or sense of community
● hopping from job to job every time a boss upset me or asked me to change

My saving from suicide attempt in 2009 was just the beginning of a very long journey to wholeness. I didn’t visit a counselor or a therapist until 2018, and I spent most of those years clinging onto spiritual leaders at my church, receiving life coaching and reading books to help me with my healing. I wish I had known my learning how to communicate, love people beyond faults, and setting boundaries was a priority. I was still cursing folks out, bitter, angry, and fighting my hardest to stop trauma memories from waking me up out of my sleep.
But … one thing I had that no one could ever take away from me was a faith in God and determination. That’s how I rebuilt my confidence. Years later (and I’m gonna tell it like is):…It Feels Pretty Great To Go From Feeling Like I was Worthless … to Loving Myself Fully, Speaking With Confidence, and Making A Difference In The Lives Of My Clients and Loved Ones.
I won’t apologize for saying that ... because I want the same for you! Can you imagine how good that would feel? To have joy finally be what wakes you up instead of pain? To know you can spend every day of your life doing work you actually love and believe in? To make peace with your family and interact with them again with proper boundaries, where you release them from past hurt -all while still having your needs met and voice heard?

Calling All of God's Chosen… It’s Time to Forgive Family With Practical Wisdom so you can Thrive in Your Relationships!

It's time to bring to light the life in Christ you truly want to live with practical tools, community, and joy.

If you’re fighting trying to squeeze out reading another book, listening to a podcast to move your life forward, and dreading going to another family function, you need to ask yourself---Isn't it time to heal from someone who has lived this? 

Introducing the ....

Forgiving Family 2024 Cohort

A 1 year program to bring together God's chosen to help you forgive family, so that you can thrive and have peace in your relationships.

This program is for you if…

You are ready to forgive family with practical tools and change your approach to conflict
You are actively in therapy and would like a coaching program to compliment your growth
You want to make a difference in the lives of others and want better leadership skills
You are ready to end the cycle of self-sabotage, procrastination and shame that comes from unhealed trauma

Who Is This Program Not For?

Anyone thinking of self-harm or harming others
You do not have the time (1 hrs a week) to commit to the program
You are looking for an easy way to heal
You are under the assumption this is therapy.

Here’s What You Need to Know
About The Cohort

The bread-and-butter is our weekly live check ins, consisting of a 2-step framework that will help you move from healing on the inside (relationship with self + God), to healing on the outside (relationships with others).

Inner Focus:
Your Personal Vision

Focus on your why and where. Without considering pain or the past where do you see yourself going? Also, we will define your why- why are you motivated to do this work and what will keep you anchored long after the feelings have left.

Inner Focus: Explore the Past with Grace

You’ll create a trauma timeline and learn the most effective way to examine your past without shame hijacking your story. This is a critical step because this is exactly how to begin healing your suppressed memories and loud inner critic. We will talk about the four greatest areas of relational turmoil: Abandonment, rejection, unforgiveness & loneliness that together create The Orphan Heart and The Imposter Syndrome.

Outer Focus: Defining Your Needs

You will learn the exact needs of the feminine soul. How should you be treated and what do you expect from relationships? Together we will define your emotional needs and create a healthy plan for getting them met.

Outer Focus: Communicating Your Boundaries

It’s time to learn how to communicate exactly what you need from family without the fear of being rejected, having fallouts, or being in chaos. We will create a relational value system so that you’re never confused again on who gets the most your time and why.

This is A 50-Week “Walk” to Catapult Your Healing.

You don’t need anything fancy to do this program, just your cell phone or desktop and bring your hope and optimism. When you enroll, you will: 

You will know how you have been designed by God to see the world, people, and yourself so that you improve relationships with deeper self-awareness.
You know the 4 Step Strategy to heal abandonment, rejection, unforgiveness & loneliness that create The Orphan Heart and The Imposter Syndrome.
You will create a Relational Value System so that you’re never confused again on who gets the most your time and why.
You will create a Hearing and Healing My Needs plan for recognizing your emotional needs and getting them met.
You will learn how to navigate ‘self-talk’ successfully to improve how you internalize conversations and process hard moments
You will learn how to through personality ‘blind spots’ to improve your family relationships
You will uncover why you may shut down, over talk or overthink in conversations so that future disagreements won't in in chaos

The Cohort Coaching Will Help You Avoid This Reality:

The fear of facing past traumas or emotional wounds that have been suppressed alone
Frustration with recurring patterns of negative emotions or behaviors that hinder personal growth.
Repeating cycles of self-limiting beliefs and overcome feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness.
Allowing vulnerability and not opening up about sensitive experiences or emotions to overwhelm you
Feeling the frustration with feeling stuck or stagnant with family, 
Cycling through family relationships with no boundaries, free from toxicity or codependency.
Judgment and rejection from others hijacking your conversations when you address deep-rooted emotional issues.
Unresolved conflicts or unhealed wounds to linger causing ongoing distress
Feeling like you are disappointing God when dealing with family due to unforgiveness

What you'll receive when you join...

The Cohort is filled with dynamic support structures to help you understand everything you’re learning, take action, and get real results for your life.

A custom workbook to track your progress
Private student login with online course videos to watch on demand
Weekly, live check-ins with your coach, Alexis M. Lott
Private community of women healing just like you for the sisterhood you deserve

Bonuses? Heck Yeah, Because Sis You Deserve It!

stick to it devotional and workbook

BONUS #Dating While Healing Masterclass + Live Chat. Alexis & Kendarius Tell Our Story- How we dated fell in love while still healing from trauma, without sex before marriage.

This live chat & bonus teaching is my gift to you! This year, I have the pleasure of getting married to a man of God I know The Lord let me to- but it wasn’t easy. I was still very much finding my confidence when I met him, and I thought my story made me “too much” to be loved. With this bonus lesson, you will learn how your past does not determine your worth when it comes to dating and hear my story!

BONUS #2: “Stick To It” Devotional & Workbook ($150 value)

Now this is just crazy because I haven’t even released the workbook to the public yet but you will be the first to get access! Stick To It: The Workbook & Devotional To Help You Launch One Idea And Uncover the Hidden Reasons Why You Keep Changing Your Mind is valued at over $150 and is packed full of actionable steps to help you heal and grow- all while getting yourself mentally prepared to actually follow through with completing a God-sized idea.

Forgive family find peace photo of three women smiling

How much?

When you invest in yourself, I know you will create the momentum in your emotions and life you have been looking for. If you view this program as an expense rather than an investment, especially considering all the direct access you’ll have to me and the high value of the bonuses we’re giving you … then this isn’t for you. But if you’re ready to get serious, take imperfect action, and move from stuck to growing in grace, I’m going to do everything in my power to help you thrive in your relationships.

Group Coaching Cohort Only

This is open twice a year. Cancel at anytime.

Valid for one year

Hey Let’s Heal Insider
Weekly Group Coaching Q&A on Thursdays
90 Days of Weekly 1:1 Calls (12 calls total)
Confident Again Online Course
Monthly Masterclass
Bonus 1: Dating While Healing Live Masterclass
Bonus 2: Stick to it Devotional & Workbook

Solo + Group Coaching Cohort

First come, first serve until 10 slots are filled. 

Valid for one year

Hey Let’s Heal Insider
Optional Group Coaching Q&A on Thursdays
90 Days of Weekly 1:1 Calls (12 calls total)
Confident Again Online Course
Monthly Masterclass
Bonus 1: Dating While Healing Masterclass
Bonus 2: Stick to it Devotional & Workbook
14 Day Money Back Guarenteed Pic

No-Risk Cancel Within 14 Days Guarantee!

I’m here to help you change your life and emotions. I firmly stand behind the integrity and value of The Forgiving Family Cohort and my reputation as a leader in this industry.

So here’s the deal. If you implement my advice and still don’t have breakthrough in your understanding- you can cancel your monthly payment, no questions asked. There is no refund if you have paid in full for the program.

I will ask for your completed program work (to make sure you gave it a go) and ask what didn’t work for you (so I can improve). But I’m willing to lose money on this guarantee because that’s how much I believe in this program.

We will ask for your completed course work (to make sure you gave it a go) and ask what didn’t work for you (so we can improve). But we’re willing to lose money on this guarantee because that’s how much we believe in this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good fit for this cohort?

  • ● You know God has called you to lead in work, church and family but you've a troubled past, and you know that forgiving has been a task.

    ● Your past trauma memories are showing up as roadblocks to trusting people, self-sabotage and you have a loud inner critic that constantly puts you down

    ● You’re tired of fluffy self-help ideas and you want a step-by-step approach from someone who has been where you are

    ● You’re sick of grinding your way through relationships with people and want some smooth coaching tips to helping you create boundaries while still knowing you’re loved

    ● You're the type of person that will 100% follow through with a training

What exactly will I be doing and what results are possible?

Every week you will hear from Alexis live in our group, usually on Thursdays at 7PM to teach the content that is outlined inside of your Confident Again online course. You have access to the course & digital workbook for life to write out what you are learning. We check in, ask how life is going, pray and dive into the teachings. Its good to watch the video before you come to class. No hurry if you don't. 

If you choose the solo coaching track you receive the community, plus 12 (30) minute coaching sessions to take advantage of with a jump start call.

Every month we will have a new masterclass. One of those classes will be with Alexis & husband Kendarius to teach on dating while healing.

You will also interact with your community of healing insiders and earn points and badges for your breakthrough moments. 

I want to do the $297 solo coaching track. What if I don't want the community?

  • We highly highly recommend being a part of the weekly lives, even if you stay on mute and turn your camera off. You don't have to be a part of the discussions inside our private member portal unless you choose too!

When does the cohort start?

  • Enrollment for the $30 group coaching track stays open year round and everyone is on a self-paced journey through the course.

  • If you want to be a part of the $297 solo coaching + community the opportunity closes as soon as we hit 10 enrollees. We will open it again 2X in a year. 

  • The cohort begins immediately with orientation being our week 1 live stream night. 
  • We will open up the course 1 week after enrollment and solo track members can schedule your first coaching session immediately. 

What if I buy and want a refund? What's the policy?

  • You can cancel the monthly membership at any time and come back when you're ready
  • We get started implementing your work immediately on enrolling into the program. This is why after 14 days you are able to request a full refund of your investment only if you are on the solo track.
  • We will ask for your completed course work (to make sure you gave it a go) and ask what didn’t work for you (so we can
  • improve). But we’re willing to lose money on this guarantee because that’s how much we believe in this program.

Can I stay on for life even if I am on the solo track?

  • The program is for one calendar year- and you will be given the chance to re-enroll after one year. 
  • If you are on the solo coaching plan, you can renew your 12 sessions only after Coach Alexis personally evaluates if you have met the goals set in coaching. 
  • Once your 12 coaching sessions are satisfied and your goals have or have not been met, you can switch to monthly to remain an Insider.

Is this like therapy? What are Alexis' credentials?

  • Alexis is a licensed minister through Endowed with Power Ministerial Fellowship and a Certified Christian Life Coach. I am not a therapist (a person solely responsible to medically diagnose or treat a mental health disorder and/or provide counseling services to work through past issues). However, this cohort is a combination of relationship coaching, teachings and ministry, meant to move you forward to a goal and communicate the heart of God for your life. It is highly recommended you choose therapy to go with this program.

The practical skills to forgive family & thrive in relationships is just a tap away! Hey, Let's Heal! 

© Alexis M Creative Agency LLC 2023-2026. All Rights Reserved. 


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